Alles Roger

Debut Solo Exhibition in Viennna, Bremerhaven & Heidelberg

April 2012

Alles Roger?

  • Client: Private
  • Type: Debut International Solo Exhibition
  • Year: 2012

Project Summary

During April and May 2012, I  launched my debut series of solo works entitled Alles Roger, at exhibitions in North and South Germany (Bremerhaven and Heidelberg), as well as in Europe's capital of art and culture - Vienna, Austria. Art sales, rave reviews and the large amount of people in attendance all contributed to the success of the exhibitions. Worldwide support came in the form of friends, art enthusiasts and fellow creative professionals sending their wishes via email and social media platforms. I created 20 art pieces that are open to individual interpretation, as well a 10 meter mural inspired by the sense of freedom that music and art evoke in us all. Creative workshops with students from 12 to 20 were conducted for one week, and the opening night culminated with a theatre show entitled " Visualizing Music Vol.2 / Alles Roger ",  in which the theme was brought to life by hip hop, dance and music performances with a digital backdrop of the Alles Roger collection. Special thanks to Sebo for headlining the show with his melodic inspiration.Some photos from the art shows are featured above, along with a selection of the Alles Roger art colleciton..