International Art Exhibition

April - June 2014

Amsterdam, Bremen & Cape Crossroads connected.Rog exhibits in Amsterdam and Cape Town.

  • Client: Crossroad
  • Type: International Art Exhibition Series
  • Year: 2014

Project Summary

During April and June 2014 I had the privilege to exhibit my latest work entitled ‘Crossroad’ to an international audience ; in Cape Town with one of my creative partners and friends from Bremen, Dirk Mertin (Dee One) and in Amsterdam a collection of my solo works. Organized and curated by Anne Schmeckies, both exhibitions were strongly supported by core German partner Each One Teach One, with the Amsterdam show being led by Dutch partners Master Your Ability. Crossroad led to groundbreaking successes, locally and internationally. By reaching audiences in South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands, the Crossroad Exhibition used visual art and music to unite different cultures while shedding light on some of South Africa’s social struggles, and the people who are working towards its eradication. This was achieved by educational workshops with the Funimfundo Preschool and Young in Prison organization in Cape Town, and by forming strong links with the South African / Dutch Ubuntu Academy for creative excellence.View the highlights videos above, as well as the event photos and art work from the exhibition.