"Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von"

Solo Exhibition (Germany)

June 2017

"Digital Illustration, Typography and Spraycan Art inspired by the legendary literature of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe."

  • Client: Exhibition
  • Type: Illustration, Art, Typography, Spraycans, Objects, Motion, 3-D
  • Year: 2017

Project Summary

In June 2017 I did my third international solo exhibition entitled "Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von" in Bremerhaven, Germany. As the first artist to exhibit in the newly-renovated Goethe45 gallery in Bremerhaven, it was a challenge and great pleasure to visually interpret some of Goethe's most well-known literature. I used a combination of digital illustration, typography and spray cans to create canvas artworks, as well as illustrated objects inspired by and featuring some of Goethe's verses. As my most successful exhibition thus far, it could only be possible due to the support of the i.f.a.. and the amazing team behind it all : Anne Schmeckies, Moritz Schmeckies, Phax Mulder, Galerie Goethe45, the community of Bremerhaven and of course my family and friends. Have a look below at our promo material, video trailer, photos and artwork from the event.