Wir brauchen Dich, München !

Poster Design & Motion Graphic Video

September 2015

Goethe Institute language students design a poster to express their love for Munich.

  • Client: Private/Goethe Institute Cape Town
  • Type: Live Action, 2D Animation, Design, Illustration
  • Year: 2015

Project Summary

As the C1 group at Cape Town’s German Language Centre , partner of the Goethe Institute, we were given the task to design a poster about Munich as part of a competition among the different groups. The winning poster would be selected for display in one of the Language centre’s lecture rooms which is appropriately titled ‘München’. Our poster communicates how much we dig the Bavarian Capital and even contains a little Bauhaus influence. We of course decided to create an animated video of the design brainstorm. It was super-fun ! Check it out below, along with images of the final poster design. Special thanks to Douw Kruger, Marlan Perumal, Ulrich Grobler and the German Language Centre. Camera by Carl Booysen, and music production by Grenville Daniel WIlliams.