Opel Adam

Car Design & Animated Promo

Jan 2015

Rog customises Opel's new Adam.The Game-changer.

  • Client: Opel (GM South Africa) / 360 Degrees Production House
  • Type: Illustration, Car Design, Digital Art
  • Year: 2015

Project Summary

2015 Saw the release of Opel’s new Adam in South Africa. A sporty, tech-savvy city-slicker aimed at young, free-thinking, individual ” game-changers “, it was decided to market it by aligning the brand with a personality whom Opel believes displays these qualities and way of life. I was commissioned to create 10 large scale artworks that were exhibited in different high-traffic public venues in South Africa, to market the Adam. The highlight was creating a customised Roger Williams Adam by using different panels of the car as illustration canvasses. This emphasizes the fact that the Adam is fully customizable with the owner being able to select the colours of different elements of the car, to suit their individual style, taste and personality. Apart from working with the highly energetic, super-creative and award-winning team from 360 Degrees, what made the project a true creative pleasure was the fact that I could work within some of my favourite fields of art and design : illustration, graphics, mural art and live visuals / digital drawing at the Adam’s launch event, the Opel / LISOF Fashion Collab in Johannesburg. View the animated video above as well as detailed images of the artwork and the customised Opel Adam.