Spring Natural

Logo Design

September 2015


Authentic, classic and natural.

  • Client: Spring Natural/Luna Design New York
  • Type: Logo Design
  • Year: 2015

Project Summary

I worked closely with Luna Design NYC on the rebranding of Spring Street Natural in SoHo, Lower Manhattan in New York. Since 1973, Spring Natural has been serving organic, whole, natural foods which are made with fresh, local ingredients and minimally processed. I was tasked with creating the logo and the goal was to give it a hand-painted, grey brush stroke look and feel. This was to communicate the brand's authenticity, while still giving it a fresh revamp to reflect its modern status as one of SoHo's finest venues. I kicked off the process with many hand sketches and painted iterations to ensure that we captured a fine art look from the start. After back and forth experimentation with different hand-painted and Photoshop executions, the final was created in Illustrator and further adapted to fit its different media applications.