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Formula E 2021

Opener and Post-event social media spots as part of ModisGermany‘s video strategy during their 2021 partnership with Formula E in Berlin.




Live Action

Teaser and Event Opener



Post-event Movie

Project Summary


During the summer of 2021, FormulaE &Modis partnered up once again for the final race of the season in Berlin. The event weekend once again featured a business gathering followed by an exciting afternoon at the final race. The business meeting‘s opener video showcased some past race action to build excitement leading up to the finals. In addition it was used an online teaser targeted at clients and partners before the event. At the final race itself, the team used a super mobile gear setup to capture the action and produce micro-content social media spots which were rolled out over the weeks following the race – and which in turn reflected heightened online traffic during the company‘s social media stats analysis. The above-featured highlight samples transport the energy of what was a an absolute thrilling race weekend! 

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