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Formula E 2022

3D Event Opener for yet another brilliant Formula E race in the heart of Berlin.




Live Action

Opener (Dir. Cut)




Background & Ideation


In 2022 Mercedes EQ took part in their final Formula E Season. As partners we once again hosted a business breakfast for our client network in the Germany’s capital city of Berlin. In keeping with the excitement of the FE event and our innovative partnership with the EQ team, we showcased some key projects while looking ahead at the future of e-mobility. For the event’s opening video and online promo piece, we worked with a retro-wave inspired visual look to graphically re-imagine the team’s FE car in exciting 3D sequences. The videos once again played an important creative role in creating and sementing an identity for the event and its experience. The goal was to not only build up the energy for the exciting collaborations that were showcased, but also for the FE season Finale on the same day.   



In order to visualize the scenes we sketched out the frames in rough storyboard sequences. This was important to have a strong visual starting point when setting up camera angles and shot selections in 3D. We focussed especially on working with dynamic edits of 3D shots, combined with real race footage and city scenery, to keep the action true to the signature adrenaline-paced energy of the FE brand videos.



For the final look we stripped the FE car down to work as a glowing wireframe design. For the background we worked with lowpoly elements to add to the technology concept, while keeping the colour palette limited to blue and yellow.



In addition to the video content the project required the creation of print material as well. The key visual of the 3D FE car could be adapted to be used for these materials. By working with different camera angles, we found simple visual solutions to render the car for use in the various layouts. Below are some sample visualizations of selected print collateral.

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