Fluid Faith

Critical commentary on societal beauty standards.





Project Summary


A project I am particularly proud of, ‘Fluid Faith’ is the product of crossing creative minds with fashion photographer extraordinaire from Austria, Peter Grillmair. In only his second year as a pro Pete was the winner of the scholarship ‘Selected 2013′ by the German Professional Imagers Club (PIC). ‘Fluid Faith’ is our first collaboration and is set in the future.

The Idea


The moody editorial uses a combination of photography and illustration to show the fate of a woman who is to be abused for pharmaceutical tests, before she turns against her torturers. The piece was created to challenge societal beauty standards and the effects that they have on humans.

The Execution


Working in Cape Town and Vienna over many months we realised the project with the Braingorillas production team and had it published online in ‘Volume’ Magazine, one of Vienna’s leading art, music and cultural platforms. Garments by Austrian fashion label ROEE.

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