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A fresh, young and bold new visual identity for the Global Teachers Institute in South Africa.


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The Global Teachers Institute is a network of teachers, schools and organizations with the mission to change education. Their goal is to develop high quality teachers through training programmes, collaboration platforms and international exchanges. In their own words, their vision is a future in which ‘quality teachers facilitate learning that creates a just, inclusive and equitable world’. This is a vision that I relate with deeply, and it fueled the inspiration to work on the identity design of the organization’s rebranding project.

The Challenge


As part of the strategy of Global Teachers to reposition themselves in the minds of their partners and stakeholders, the director wanted to rebrand the entire organization. In line with the strategy, the visual identity needed to reflect a bold, young and strong personality that stays true to its values, beliefs, vision and mission.

The Idea and Execution


The logo was created by tying up the ‘GTI’ from the old logo design as negative space elements in a blue and green circle that represents our planet and the organization’s global approach. The circle is complemented by an angled yellow arrow that points upwards, symbolizing movement in the direction of success. This combined visual serves as an icon that can be used as a stand-alone element. Lastly, the design is locked up by the bold, capital sans-serif lettering contained as negative space shapes in a strong red box. To still keep some visual aspects of the old logo alive, the team requested us to keep the original colours in the new design. This gave them the feeling of development without abandoning the bright colour combination that played such a strong part in their original design language.

The project itself was a great success, and the process of working with the GTI team facilitated great exchanges and learning opportunities. Unfortunately, due to a change in management right at the conclusion of the project, the motion design elements could not be presented and the rebranding campaign could not be rolled out.

Logo Animation


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